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    Question can you get arrested for not paying a student loan?

    What is the name of your state?Massachussetts

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    Please understand that I am not a lawyer. I am a regular person with debt trouble like you. I don't think anyone can be arrested for owing a debt. There are no more debtor's prisons. From what I understand, student loans are different than a regular credit card or store charge card. Speaking from limited knowledge and "experience," (my brother defaulted on his student loans years ago), the loan holder eventually got a default judgement against him, and they started to attach any refunds he got from his tax return. My brother did start to pay them back and cleaned up his credit. I hope this helps. Anyone else want to jump in here? Good luck!!!!

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    SIN1476 is absolutely correct, you cannot be arrested or jailed for not paying a debt. If a collector told you that he/she was not only LYING but breaking the law !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcat124
    What is the name of your state?Massachussetts

    **A: yes, you can depending upon the circumstances.

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