What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? CA

So, long story short, i hope. My ex was sanctioned by the judge in our custody battle and she was to pay attorney fees to my attorney. My attorney attempted to collect by sending her the order with instructions to pay $100 per month. She completely ignored it. He meant to put it through to collections but never did. He transferred the order to myself when he withdrew from the case, so now i can go collect it. Not sure what to do to get this going.

He sent me 3 files: Abstract of Judgment, Memo of Costs After Judgment, and Writ of Execution.

My ex has no property (her home and cars are leased), she has no bank account (she is on ChexSystems), she is married but i think she's about to get divorced, and she has been endorsing the child support checks i send to her to his name and he deposits into his bank account. But lately i think she is just using a check cashing place because of the impending divorce with her current husband, he moved out.

She does have a job, part time.... so i think a wage garnishment is the only way i will get paid.

What is my first step? And what are all my other steps?