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    Ddeceased husband' company owned NJ Dept of labor dated back 2001, do I responsible?

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? NJ

    My deceased husband and I both PA residents. His company registered in NJ.

    Deceased husband's company was accused by division of employer accounts, NJ dept of labor and workforce developmentthat owned them 819 contributions on 2001, and accumulated interest till now is 1824.89. When husband passed away, company account left 3311 in it. Still in probate. Probate attorney said his company debt had nothing to do with probate.

    CPA wrote a letter to them told them no assets left in husband's company. Then I got a responsed letter said that

    " liability is not not automatically dismissed due to the death of employer, also there is a judgement on the account because of the non-payment which will have lien or any property you and your husband purchased. As for a business not having any assets, the payment is due whether from an individual personal account or money order. If your name is not listed anywhere on your late husband 's account, I would not concern myself about payment. I would be concerned if as stated previously property you have has a lien."

    My question is

    1 my name is not listed on my husband's company account, but we do have joined checking account. Do I responsible for this company debt?

    2. If lien on the property( located in PA), I still have the liability to pay for it because the property is joint content, the deed with both name on it as husband and wife. How do I found out if lien on it or not? If lien on it, have to pay to remove the lien, right?

    Tks for any help.

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    If anything his estate would be liable for the debt but whether he or his estate is liable would be based on the corporate structure as well as whether even if the corporate structure would shield him from corporate debts typically he had somehow pierced the corporate veil and as such could be held personally liable for the debts.

    That is something his attorney and/or the probate attorney would deal with.

    A lien would be filed with the county registrar.

    The joint personal checking; sometimes it can be levied, sometimes not. It isn't a simple answer.

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    Tks for the answer, if I need attorney to handle this, which state attorney?

    Deceased husband 'company registered in NJ. We both PA residents. His estate in PA. The probate attorney licensed in PA, he not handle this, just told that had nothing to do with my husband estate's probate.

    Where can I go to find out husband company' s structure? If I need to hire attorney to handle that, should I hire attorney licensed in NJ?

    My husband's firm was Acounting company. He was a CPA. Don't know why he not pay it before.

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