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    Disposed by default,final judgement

    What is the name of your state? Fl.In a contract indebedness case ,when the the judge issues a final judgement of default,because the person owing the money(this case is credit card issue)refused to reply.How does the Credit card company then get the payment?do they need to get an order for garnishment ?There was no instruction in the order ,only an order to pay ,but the person hasn't answered the complaint,I doubt the order will be responded to.All vehicles are leased,nothing toput liens on,but income is good.Would garnishment be the procedure,and whom has to allow the process to go ahead if that is the remedy?

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    It all depends on state law. They can attach any assets they can find subject to certain exemptions. It will also be put on the person's credit report.

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    OP – You received somewhat the same response to somewhat the same question in October and were given some direction to FL Code:
    [URL="http://forum.freeadvice.com/debt-collections-84/default-s-379450.html"]Default ???'s[/URL]

    If we’re not making much progress, it may be because you either need to provide more specific information about this whole case or you need to do the investigation on your own. As it is, you’re continuing to provide too little information, and it’s all very general. You’re going to necessarily get responses that are general too.

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