What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? TN
I have a few quick questions:

1)Who do I contact about working something out once I have been summoned? the collection company or their lawyers.

2)I was summoned to an indiana court where I no longer live, is it possible to have this moved to where I live or will I have to drive to indiana?

3)If I have to go back to indiana for the court date and know that I will not be able to, is there any point in answering the summons since a default judgement will be rendered anyhow?

4)If I need to answer the summons do I do it under indiana statute although I am now a tennessee resident?

5)If I was able to return to indiana for the court date would it all be handled in one day?

6)I am responsible for this debt and am not able to pay it off curently, so would there really be any point in answering the summons and going to court? Wouldn't they still be awarded the full judgement and then I would be out my travel and hotel expenses for the court date?

This has really got me befuddled and I don't have any money for a lawyer. I was also thinking about bankruptcy. Once a judgment is rendered would I still be able to file bankruptcy afterwards and have this removed from my credit and such. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated.