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    Domestication/authentication foreign judgment

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Hawaii

    Does anyone have a sample document of a Domesticationof foreign Judgment? I need to domesticate/authenticate the judgment in both Tennessee and Texas from Hawaii - no forms, samples can be found...

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    You must obtain certified copy of the judgment from hawaii and follow the rules and procedures of Texas and Tennessee on how to domesticate it.

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    Aloha - Thanks for the advise. I am wondering if there are sample docs / form docs anywhere to follow for either Texas or Tennessee. Ill keep looking through state statutes.

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    theres no sample documents, it varies by state but the process is typically the same. You get a certified/exemplified copy of the judgment from original jurisdiction, then you have to file it in the appropriate county in the other state. some states require you to refile an action and sue them again, other states there is just a waiting period in order for the defendant to object the judgment.

    call the office of the county clerk where the judgment debtors are located and ask them what you gotta do.

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