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    Future Spouses Debt

    Washington, My fiance has 2 or 3 loans that he has been very slowly paying on. When we are married would they be able to come after me for the debt if we do not have a pre-nup. Will this also keep debtors from garnishing my paycheck for his debt with a pre-nup?

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    a Pre-nup would probably help to document your assets/debt..Although WA is a CP State each individuals' debts prior to marriage do not become a community debt after marriage

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    Either way, it's his debt - not yours.

    They most likely can't garnish your paycheck to pay HIS debt.

    They could sue and if they wil, freeze your joint checking account - so if you have direct deposit it would be affected.

    You might be wise to maintain separate checking accounts until all his premarital debt is resolved.

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