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    Red face Notice of discontinuance

    What is the name of your state? New York
    I was contacted by a ca for some old credit card debt.It is older than 7 years so I sent a standard dispute/sol expired letter from fair debt collection .com via certified mail.NY the sol on debt is 6 years.Well,the CA signed for the letter on 8/23/07.I checked with county clerk and they had filed a summons on 8/20/07.
    I had not heard from them until this week.I received a letter(10/22/07) that said it was a notice of discontinuance.It also said it was without prejudice and that neither party owes the other anything.Does this mean the lawsuit was dropped?Do I need to contact the court or respond in any way?Any help would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by obione View Post
    Does this mean the lawsuit was dropped?
    Quote Originally Posted by obione View Post
    Do I need to contact the court or respond in any way?
    You can check with the court to make sure the court has a copy and closed the case. Beyond that, any further response is up to you. Maybe a thank you letter? A bouquet of flowers? Chocolate? Your call.

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    What now?It sent copies to me at my address..

    and there was another address listed to my name at Hudson,NY?I have never been to Hudson.I did a map search and its like 200 miles from where I live.I am not sure if was the address to the attorney who wrote it up or if might be identity fraud.It was in a box at the end of the letter and there was an attorney's signature but it said to :my name with Hudson address.This has debt has not shown on my credit report.(for the last 3 years)
    This debt was supposedly in my husbands name also who has 2 people in this county with the same first and last name with one who has the same birthdate.We have had summons delivered for a hospital bill a few years back,the guy hand delivered it ,my husband threw it on the ground at the server(don't shoot the messenger)but it turned out to be for his cousin.The server asked how his hand was?!!It was for a hospital bill of about 5k that wasn't us!My husband said my hand? and showed the guy his hands.The other guy (cousin)defaulted on a hospital bill for his hand cut wide open.We never went to court and haven't heard of that again.When I checked with local Supreme court only the one I faced up to and this one.
    I just wonder because this was a bill from a collector for over 11k to a credit card!I have never or do I want that kind of credit.I faced the music on one in an earlier post for like 1700.00 which I have been paying on a 2500.00 balance for court fees.It was young and stupid stuff but I am living up to it.Is there anything I can do at this point to validate it?

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