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    overdue medical bills

    What is the name of your state? NJ

    I was admitted to hospital recently and had gallbladder surgery.I am a new immigrant, and do not have insurance, so I was approved for charity care, and my doctor was my cousin who was nice enough not to charge me.

    I got bills from the emergency room physician, and the anesthesia associates, plus a lab fee and an EKG fee.

    I am currently unemployed. The lab transferred my account to a collection agency without even teling me first; and the others are saying they are going to do that.

    What is my best course of action. how can I set up payment plans? Will this have a bad effect on my credit report?

    Any ideas will be appreciated.

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    I once had the same situation, and as long as you send them some money they won't send it to collections. But you have to keep sending them money on a regular basis. You have to be fast, because I've noticed a lot of NJ hospitals send thing straight to collections after 30 days.
    You might be able to avoid the one collection agency, if you pay the whole bill or majority directly to the original creditor, now.
    One tip...Pay by a US postal Svc Money order. Or another one that has a carbon copy. Fill it out completely and be sure to note the account number.
    This way, you have proof that you sent the money and you don't have to worry about these yucky collectors getting a hold of your bank account number.
    Good luck

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