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    SOL Louisiana Medical Bills


    I received a bill for a doctors visit that was performed 3 years 8 months ago.

    The bill clearly shows:
    visit 02/2006
    filed with insurance 06/2009
    Remainder due from patient 06/2009

    This was a first visit to a specialist for a consultation (not a procedure). Since I had insurance, his fees for the consultation or payment schedules were definitely not discussed up front; however, I may have signed something stating I would cover whatever costs that the insurance company did not on the account.

    Clearly 3 years had passed before they attempted to bill me since they could not have known the balance I owed until they filed with the Insurer, and that is documented to be over 3 years after the consultation.

    Given Louisiana's Statute of Limitations is 3 years for Open Accounts, and 10 years for contracts, how does one determine which this is?

    Also, how would one find out if there are specific laws in Louisiana in regards to medical bills?


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    This would be a contract as you certainly would have signed one before they agreed to treat you.

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    open accounts are defined in the truth in lending act. medical bills are not open accounts they are contracts (either express or implied)

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