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    Wage Garnishment for Repo

    What is the name of your state? Texas
    I had a car repossessed and they sold it for 60% of it's value. If they would of sold it for 100% of the value it would have covered what I owed. Anyway, now I have this collection law firm calling me saying they are going to garnish my wages if I don't take car of this. Can they garnish my wages without taking me to court? Don't you have to have to go to court to get some kind of judgement to garnish wages?


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    Rainaraines Guest
    Yes, they need a judgment to garnish your wages; however, since you live in Texas, they cannot garnish your wages as TX is a nongarnishable state. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that it is against the law to threaten the garnishment of wages in a nongarnishable state. Now, they can still take you to court and get a judgment against you. They can also put a lien on your property and levy your bank account. They just cannot garnish your paycheck.

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