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    where to find sample Affirmative Defense sample letter?

    What is the name of your state? California

    Is there somewhere I can go to get samples of affirmative defense letter? I'm looking for one on SOL and also one for lack of information. The lack of information, is for me constantly requesting the law firm who represent the collection company, for validation and information of the debt, but yet, never received it.

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    You can find sample validation letters at [url]www.creditinfocenter.com[/url]

    You can find a list of affirmative defenses here:

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    When filing a response, do I need to send the reponse to the court in any special way, or do I take it to the court? Also, it states in the letter, I have to have a copy "serve" to the plantiff as well. Does that mean, I have to use some kind of service to "serve" this?

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