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    Affidavit of Consent

    What is the name of your state (PA)?

    Hello, I am a bit confused about the Affidavit of Consent...

    I have been trying to complete my divorce, but my ex is stalling in order to continue to collect spousal support and stay on my insurance. She has flat out told me that this is her divorce and she will sign when she is ready, she believes that she can milk this for 2 years before she has to do anything.

    This is a No Fault divorce, we have been separated nearly three years, we could have signed and been done 90 days after the filling, which was a year ago.

    I was told because she is refusing to sign, I should file a 3301D not a 3301C, Affidavit of Consent, but when I read it, it seems like I am waving my rights and will allow her to have whatever she wants. Please clarify this form if you can.

    Oh, and to clarify there is nothing to settle, I pay child support, even before the divorce process began, I was paying her 1200 a month, there is tons of debt, a house in foreclosure...nothing to really split up. My 401k, a few grand as I have not been with my current company very long.

    We have both moved on with new relationships...The kids are doing great as we share custody, but her greed for money is what is holding this up...


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    Hey folks,

    No advice on this one?

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