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    Alienation of Affections/Florida

    What is the name of your state? FLorida
    My husband claimed to have filed an alienation of affections lawsuit against a man, with intent to get money. I looked up info and see law was abolished long ago. He even states the name of the lawyer here in Orlando that "took the case". He claims he thought better of the suit and withdrew it to the cost of $5,000. Since there is no longer such a law and there is language preventing bringing the suit (771.01-.08) I really wondered.
    Can tapes secretly made be used as any "evidence"? Threats are made to embarrass by playing to others. Again, this is Florida. Can someone help?

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    he withdrew his case- so what are you worried about? you may want to look up phone recording statutes for your state.....

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    alienation of affection

    Zephyr, thanks for the reply. Even tho he said he withdrew the case, I believe that there is no basis as Florida abolished the law. How could an attorney "take" a case and charge fees for a charge of alienation of affections? I just want to be able to have facts to face him with - it's a question of honesty. How can you heal a marriage if one partner is capable of a lie like this.
    As for phone laws, how do I find this? Thanks again!

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    Wait a sec... I will look outside.


    Quote Originally Posted by bonniebluegill9
    As for phone laws, how do I find this? Thanks again!


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