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    ironranger Guest

    Unhappy Divorcing in Minnesota...Male

    I have been Married for 6 years and need to get away from my wife. She is a psycho, what I mean is she goes bullistic over small stupid things every day. We have 3 kids, a house with no equity and basically no money in savings. she has a daycare at home making about 200/ week and i gross 650/week...can anybody tell my what my obligations financially are going to be....Thanks for your time. P.S when have gone to counceling numerous times to no avail.

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    sapphire/boopsi Guest

    Lightbulb ballistic wife

    here's some advice that will be a lot cheaper than a divorce with alimony and child support for 3 children: it sounds like your wife is totally overwhelmed and stressed out to the max! i imagine she has her hands full with her own 3, and shouldn't be taking care of more. have her stop the daycare immediately and search your soul to see if you are contributing to the stress yourself. do you help her with housework by picking up after yourself, etc? some women just can't take a lot of stress, and try to be all things to everyone, and relieve the stress by blowing. it might take some help on your part to stop doing the things that make her crazy- and i'll bet you know what they are, and they are probably the "small things" that she's blowing up over. it might be painful at first to do without the income, but not as painful as not being there to see your kids grow up! if you were interested enough to go to counselling, i suspect you really want to save your marriage. taking care of her own 3- with your help- ought to be plenty for her handle all by itself. good luck.

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    ironranger Guest
    Unfortunately the problem I alluded to has actually been there since the beginning...I made a mistake right from the git go....As was earlier stated Counceling has been tried and has failed...She chooses to have daycare...there is no and has been no talking to her about the decisions she makes**************.Once again my fault for marrying her.

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    pblvnv Guest


    Sorry to hear your problem.....seems like this a problem everywhere in the US and not just with wives! I was born and raised in MN near Forest Lake. I have been thru this with my husband (and soon to be ex after 16 yrs), and MN has a formula for handling child support. There is a percentage for each child that they make you pay. For two children it used to 33%, one child was 25% of your GROSS- not net. If you fai l to pay they will suspend your drivers license, followed by your professional one
    if you indeed have one. The only way around this one of two ways- first, pay it. second fight by arguing with the court or by signing away your parental rights. Your wife can stop the whole thing by stating in the divorce that she does not want child support or alimony. You could move out of state to a state that does not have a reciprocal agreeement with MN, like NV. The state of MN will try to do a social security number trace to locate your employer. This usually takes 2-3 months at least-you can then either make an agreement with your employer to pay you cash or quit and move on to the next job. Good Luck!!

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    MCMinnesota Guest
    I am currently in Minnesota. My husband has been fighting his greedy ex-wife for over 7 years. My advice to you is fight for the children. At the very least fight for joint physical custody. Once the court awards your wife sole physical custody you are at her mercy until your children are 18. You will PAY, PAY, PAY in this State. There are so many laws that protect the custodial parent's right's and so many that violate the non-custodial parent's Constitutional rights- It is very upsetting! It is worth the money to fight up front. My husband was told by a judge in Anoka County that he was giving the children to his ex-wife because they were girls. This is suppose to be illegal, but there it is in black and white. My husband has fought to stay in his children's lives for over 8 years. He is never told until after surgeries occur that their was anything wrong. He is not told about orthodontic needs until they are already on and we get the bill for our 1/2. The relationship with your children is too important to take a chance on. If your wife is as psychotic as you say- She is only going to get worse as an Ex. If you should decide to remarry one day and have children- LOOK OUT! FIGHT FOR YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS NOW! Get a good attorney and make sure that you do not leave your house and the children. Stay put while you fight no matter how bad it gets. The court views you leaving them as abandonment. The courts are getting worse about deviating from the law. You should get a hold of R-kids of Minnesota, they are on the web. They help fight for non-custodial parents rights and fathers rights to be fathers. They are a good source for divorce attorney's and advice. They have been a great source for our family! Get a hold of R-kids before you make a move! They will help you with all of your concerns!

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