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    m2u Guest

    Dragging out a Divorce...

    What is the name of your state? IN

    When one party wants to use the legal system to drag out a divorce, what can you really do?

    We are now looking at depositions and court hearings for contempt charges. The mud slinging just continues to go on and on. Is there anything a person can do to just get divorced? There are no custody issues, but the other party is delaying the finalization in order to keep the kids away. The children have already been moved to another state, and, yes, it was granted and stamped with approval by a judge. The provisional order will remain in effect until everything is final which limits visitation since nothing can be enforced when the parent refuses visitation. Please offer any advice!

    The other party has everything in their favor. What can a person really do at this point? Just grin and bear it??

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    cjmom Guest
    I know someone who is in a similar position. His ex is dragging it out, she is even ticking off her own lawyer because she refuses to cooperate. Her lawyer told her to give him his personal things and one of the queen beds. She refuses to do so until a judge orders her to. Then when the original court date came back in June, there were way to many cases on the dockett for that day, so it was rescheduled for November! His lawyer is going to file a motion with the courts to have the judge sign the divorce papers now since she is being unreasonable & uncooperative.

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