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    Email hacking in divorce

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Oregon

    I separated from my husband in December. At his request I agreed to delay filing for divorce until this summer (I'm not sure why it was important to him, except maybe for health insurance). I had every intention of abiding by this agreement.

    However, he recently has again been hacking into my personal email and in the past day or two deleted every single email that has transpired between he and I since the separation (and before), including all the emails discussing parenting time splits, etc. There is nothing salacious in there but I'm furious that he continues to invade my privacy and deletes my emails. (He previously hacked my work email and deleted emails between he and I, and that was the final straw that prompted me to leave.)

    Of course I can't "Prove" it to a court but I know that he has been in my email. I've been changing my passwords as soon as I see it's compromised, I've changed them twice this week. He's pretty clever with computers and disguises his IP address, etc, but who else would delete every email between he and I over the last four years, but not touch anything else?

    Is there anything legally I can do about this in the course of the divorce process?? An anti-stalking order?? An RO for email?? Has anyone else dealt with this kind of privacy violation? What did you do? I could change my email address but he and I have to communicate on child-related matters and phone conversations are near impossible.

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    Take the computer to a tech, and have the whole thing reformatted. If possible get a different OS installed. I went to Windows7 to keep my ex out of the system. She had spy ware installed on it to keep track of what I was up to.

    Talk to a lawyer, and file right away. If he wants to be crazy, let the dogs of law loose.

    Your employer might just have a problem if someone is able to hack into their system. You can get fired for allowing a breach. Another reason for speaking to a lawyer.

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    Send me a PM, I may have some useful tools for you. Reformatting should not be required for security.

    Do speak to your employer about their computer security. If your ex can hack in to their system, so can others.

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