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    My wife and the mother of our two children left in july 2000, and left the children with me I have recieved divorce papers and I answered and also counterpetitioned her how do I prolong this divorce. She is trying to take the children from me when she want nothing to do with them except for every other weekend if she was not busy. To through a twist into it when she left she was pregnant and has since gave birth to our third child, while she was pregnant she was using x-tasy and mariguana. When i saw our new baby i took a hair sample from her and had it tested and it showed that the mother was useing drugs during the pregnance. She has an attorney and I do not, I am filing all my papers myself, but i need to prolong this divorce as long as i can "HOW DO I DO THAT"

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    Prolonging the divorce

    I'm no lawyer but it sounds like you need one and you need one fast. If she is and has done all of that even a not so good lawyer can help the judge see that she is unfit. To answer your question your going to have to ask for a continuance to allow you to have time to gather your evidence. Since I don't know what stage of the process your in I can not give you a more dinfinative opinion. Please go ans see a lawyer your money will be will spent. It may cost but in the long run it will be worth your childrens safety. Jump out here on the net and due some reseach. I have and it's helping my lawyer out and saving me money. I do the research and tell him where to find it so the time consuming job of finding what we need to win is not cost anything. I provide the knowledge and he puts it into the legal format for presentation. Good luck and GOD Bless you. Do not let her take those children with out supervised vesitation since she has left you. get a court order that the children will stay with you during the proceedings. Sorry for the long answer.

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