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    KY: Divorce /alimony question

    What is the name of your state? KY
    I have been married just short of 2 years. I am very unhappy in my marriage and plan to file for divorce soon. The question I have is pertaining to alimony. My husband insisted I quit my job and I have been financially dependent on him for apx 3 years. During this 3 years I have had numerous surgeries and health problems that have made it impossible for me to work. Am I entitled to any support from him? I am also on his medical insurance and am still undergoing treatment for several different problems. How long am I allowed to stay on his insurance? Is Ky a 50/50 state. How long does it take to get a divorce(no kids)? Is it possible to file without a lawyer? My husband's best friend is a lawyer and would represent my husband. I am afraid I will not recieve what I am entitled to because of their friendship. Please answer all questions. Thank - you!!

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    In Kentucky, you have to be separated for 60 days before a divorce will be granted. Although, I believe you can file before that 60 days is over. Just a side note, in KY you can still be living in the same house while 'separated', as long as you're not sharing a bed and having sex.

    Property acquired before the marriage, or by gift or inheritance during the marriage, is not divided. The remaining property is divided "in as fair and equitable a manner as possible."

    In KY, alimony is not usually given unless one spouse is unable to provide for themselves (which it sounds like is your case). You have to prove that you need it, and that he can afford it. If he can't afford to pay it, they won't give it to you. It's normally only awarded for a limited amount of time--until you're able to support yourself again. One thing they do consider is the length of the marriage--2 years is not a very long time.

    I don't know much about insurance, but I believe you can continue insurance coverage for 36 months. I COULD BE WRONG.

    You probably could do it without an attorney. I wouldn't but maybe it's one of those 'happy divorces'



    My disclaimer--I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY!

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