resident of georgia. married 33 years, homemaker, husband had affair, confessed, was forgiven. two months later, he thinks he wants divorce, then, no, he loves me. two months later, as he walks out door for a week's job travel, announces he wants one. calls and says, it will be alright, he's just having bad time. home three days later, with name of lawyer, makes appointment, he doesn't love me anymore, get over it. shattered, find myself in lawyer's office two days later, signing no fault divorce decree. home sold three years ago, so not an issue, he says all stocks are gone, so there is nothing to divide, and he says he has quit his job, and leaving state. no alimony, no support. find out after he's gone he just changed his work territory, had not sold his stocks. divcorce was final October 11th. can I seek to now have alimony paid me, due to fraud at time of divorce?