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    niquern Guest

    Question Separated: How Can I Throw out my husband's belongings

    I live in Maryland. My husband and I have been separated for a year and a half now. Six months ago he got evicted from his apartment and asked if he could put his belongings in my house until he moved to another county. The house is in my parents name and when he moved a year ago, he took all his belongings with him. He is now in the other county and refuses to pick up his belongings. I am in the process of serving him with divorce papers that have already been filed. He has refused to return my phone calls. Do I have the legal right to get rid of his belongings? We have a no fault divorce and didn't have a need to use a lawyer.

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    dorenephilpot Guest
    Send him a letter, return receipt requested, that states that he has 30 days to pick up his stuff at a mutually agreeable time or you will consider it abandoned property and dispose of it accordingly.

    If he won't pick up the letter from the post office, have one sent to him at his employer's address.

    Or you can have a third party hand deliver the letter to him -- and later serve as a witness for you if he pursues you for the items....

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    niquern Guest
    Thanks for the information. But I tried the mail and third party when I tried to serve the divorce papers. He is never at the address that he claims to live. He refused to pick up the papers from the post office and he doesn't have a job. He is back and forth between family members houses. So I haven't been able to serve the divorce papers. So legally I have to give him notice in writing that I am throwing his stuff out?

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