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    Beth Parker Guest

    Unhappy What are grounds for annulment in Kansas

    What is the name of your state? Kansas

    What are grounds for annulment in Kansas? How long does it take? How are debts settled in an annulment that took place during a 3 week marriage, i.e. $400.00 cell phone bill? Do they go to court? My son found out his new wife is unfaithful with her army recruiter. She is leaving for basic training in 4 weeks. Thank you for your help.

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    Adultery isn't grounds for an annulment and Kansas is a no fault state so they can get divorced for incompatability.
    Annulment can be due to fraud, duress and other grounds, no matter how long or short two people have been married, so long as the requirements of the statute are met. An annulment may be obtained if the marriage is either "void" or "voidable." In other words, the court may grant the parties an annulment if the parties either could not have become legally married in the first place (such as because they were too close in family relationship or there was some legal prohibition on the parties becoming married) — a "void" marriage — or if there was some significant fact about which one or both parties did not have knowledge that existed at the time of the marriage which would have led that person not to enter into the marriage or if there was some other defect in the parties' marriage other than a prohibition on their marrying — a "voidable" marriage.

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    Wow, am I familiar with your scenario. We just moved from Fort Riley, KS and got out of the military. My fiance got divorced in KS because his wife had issues being faithful. Sounds like your sons wife is in the military correct? She and the person she is cheating with can be repremanded (SP?) very strictly thru the military if your son desires. The military does not look nicely on cheating. I can't remember the site exactly but if you do a search on the internet for that areas court website you will hopefully find a way to start. My fiance and his ex didn't have to go to court. He just paid for his lawyer and they handled the divorce and custody thru paperwork and such. Might want to look at the website for the Information Network of Kansas...used to be [url]www.ink.org...I[/url] interned there and it is a great way to gain legal information for handling things in Kansas.

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    Beth Parker Guest
    Thank you, that is a start.

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    Also, if he is in the military he can go to JAG and they will help. Unless kids are involved then you have to go to an outside lawyer. Hope that helps.

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