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    CDV possible charge

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?
    South Carolina

    On Sunday evening, my wife and I got into an altercation and the police were called to my residenece in the state of South Carolina. Before they arrived, she had struck me on the side of my face, bit me on my arm and split open the back of my head after I had turn my back to her to walk away. Once that happened, I turned around to pin her on the bed to proceed to get her to stop, in which she did. After I let her go, she called the police and I fled and went directly to the ER to get my head looked at. Once I arrived there, the physican saw me and stated that I would only need one staple and it was up to me. I declined it. While I was waiting, the police officer called my cell phone once and left a message stating to call him. Also, while I was in the ER I recieved numerous phone calls from my wife begging me to come home and that she was upset. She stated that she had taken a handful of lunesta prior to getting into an altercation with me. She also began to drink wine. While sitting in the ER, awaiting treatment, she told me she wish she were dead and that she wanted me to take care of her babies, referring to our two boxer puppies that are a little over a year old. I kept her on the phone as long as I could to speak with her until the physican came in. Once he was done, I proceeded home to check on her, in which at that time, I noticed she was still breathing and throughout the evening, woke up to check on her. In the morning, when we woke up, she said she was upset at what happened. I proceeded to ask her if she remember anything and she stated no. I left for work that day and returned the detectives call back later that morning. The police officer proceeded to tell me that he has spoken to her before on another incident and decided that evening not to put a warrent out for me fleeing the scene. However, he did want me to come in a make a statement and told me that when the special victims unit called to come in and make a statement. On Tuesday afternoon, I spoke with my wife and she stated that she did not make a written statement and did not sign the report. So my question is, if I do not make a statement and my wife did not give a written on signed statement, how could local authorities proceed with the case?? Also, she did not tell the police officer we were stricking one another. However, when I spoke to him over the phone 24 hours later, I told him I went to the ER. Long story short-I don't want anyone to get in trouble. I just want to pick up my stuff and move on. I'm in the military and don't need any of this in my life. I'm seeking the best possible advice I can recieve. Thanks again for your assistance and advice.

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    Why did you leave the scene? You should have stayed in order for the police to document your injuries and hear your and your wife's stories about what happened.

    That you want to pretend that nothing happened and ignore the fact that your wife could have died from a combo of Lunesta and wine, plus expressed a desire to be dead, indicates that both of you have serious problems.

    I hope the police pursue the matter. Sounds like this isn't the first time your home has been the site for domestic violence.

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