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    Brendada Guest
    my daughter-in-law called the sheriff after my son (32)
    came home drunk again. the sheriff arrived as my son was
    driving out of the yard. he is charged with cdv- first and second offense, and public drunk. he was not physically abusive, to any member of his family, but he does have a
    record of dui convictions, either 2 or 3. he goes before a
    judge 3/26/01, next monday. he is unsure whether or not it
    would be better to plead guilty or innocent. he feels he's
    not guilty of violence, since he did not strike anyone. he
    is mainly concerned with not serving a jail sentence, though
    so he would plead guilty to avoid jail. but, he doesn't know
    what the penalty is. his wife wants him to enter a rehabilitation program, but feels he will not unless forced
    by the judge.
    in south carolina, what are the penalties for cdv, and have
    judges in s.c. sentenced defendents to rehabilitation in
    lieu of a jail term?

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    HumorMe! Guest


    Tell his wife to go in and be a witness on his behalf about the domestic violence. (Please, please tell me he actually didn't do it as opposed to you simply won't believe he did!) Why is he being charged with it if he didn't strike anyone? I don't understand how this came about and maybe if you explained that we could assist you further.

    As for the rest of the question, I would have to suggest another board. I don't really have experience with dwi. I would suggest an attorney and perhaps the attorney can persuade him to accept treatment AND argue it as a sentence as opposed to jail time.


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    Brendada Guest

    son's violence charge

    how was he charged if he did not actually strike someone?
    I wasn't there when the arrest occurred, but his wife
    told me he did not hit her or the kids. She did not tell
    me what she told the deputy. She did tell me she was sick
    of his being drunk. (I don't blame her)

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