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    ammsoc Guest
    I live in Indiana. My ex-husband has normal visitaion rights. But he is currently on his fourth marriage and has had another child. That makes eight children in the house when they are all there. He has just installed servelance cameras in every room in the house except the bathroom and they are also outside. He set in place punishments if you get caught on camera. Drinking vinigar, spanking, grounding consisting of be watched in your room and you can not talk or move except to eat for two days. My children feel violated. Is there anything I can do? He also contantly abuses them verbally telling them lies about me. Making them feel quilty if they say they do not want to live with him. Making them feel guilty for being happy to see me. He also discusses child support issues with them. And lies to them about things that he says I am trying to do. Take them to couseling to keep them from seeing there father ect...
    This man is sick and always seems to con the system into beliving him. How do I stop the madness? He was abusive to me and now is going thru my children to do it. What should I do?

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    lkmisty Guest
    You don't want to know what I'd do....

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    In this state, it is abuse...


    I belong to a support group for women in abusive relationships. I've learned a great deal. The cameras are questionable, but making your children drink vinegar, or be "locked-up" (even if it's *just* to sit in their rooms without moving) is abuse. I don't know the laws in your state, but, here, if such a thing was reported to a counselor, he/she is required to report it to CPS. Now, the question is, would your children say anything if they are in fear of retribution from him? I don't know. Do let them know that you're not trying to keep them from seeing their dad (unless that's what they want!); you're just trying to have certain behaviors stopped.

    Good luck,


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    wmnnsho Guest
    if your children are in danger, and i hesitate in saying this, CPS(child protective services in Tx), DHS (department of human services in Ok.) whatever it is called there is supposed to be there to protect the children. if you choose to make call they will have to investigate. this process can be more damaging than the abuse that you already know they are receiving.

    you should contact an attorney locally to find out what your legal options are.

    please keep your head up and in dealing with children ( i have eight) i have found it a lot easier to deal with the mental abuse for children knowing that at least until 8-30-01, i know what abuse i will have to counter balance.

    does ex-hubby record with this "security" system? if so does he record video and audio?

    if you know answers to above questions you can research your states legal links and should be able to access state statutes.

    good luck

    woman in shoe

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    civilavicate Guest

    I think I can help.

    I am not sure but take out your divorce decree and somewhere on there it should be mentioned that his conduct concerning, the childsupport, and remarks concerning you could be concidered an issue of contempt, I would contact my divorce atty..and request that the divorce decree be motifyed..with supervised visits..and note you concerns..these issues should be address, durring your modification of the visitation order..lost of luck..keep records, and contact your local childprotective agency..if the behavior becomes more aggressive and dangerous, you may want to concider and emergcy order of protection. Contact you local abuse shelter, and seek advise as well. Good luck and I wish you well let me know how thing work out.

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