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    Question Parents unfit, what are the grandparents rights?

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?Tennessee

    I am in a dilemma, hopefully someone can help me. One of my friend's and her husband, have recently seperated, not legally, just seperated. They were about to get divorced, when she decided not to and went back to him. That would normally be okay, except he has a violent temper and right before she agreed to go back to him, he was arrested for hitting her in public and a bond restriction was brought on him and her both. It says that neither him nor her can be within 100 feet of the other including their 2 minor children, ages 2 and 4. Since all that she has agreed to stay with him, or work things out, but the order hasnt been lifted, they have seen each other and have even gone so far as to live to gether for short periods of time, against the court order. She is also very mentally unstable, and has been admitted 2 times to Vanderbilt Med. Psych. ward, the most recent being right now since last Tues. She tries to hurt herself, but not to kill herself, just to vent anger. She loves her children, though she cant seem to keep her wits enough to see what he is doing. I know that, that part is up to her whether she stays or goes, but being a friend of her whole family, her parents are scared that the kids will get hurt or end up on the street. We know the state will put kids in a foster home, if this doesnt stop, yet her parents, the kids grandparents want to know if they could get temporary custody of the minor children. They know these children, they are taking care of them now until my friend gets out of the hospital. They dont have a big home, and have 2 other children of their own, but when they have kept my friend's children they have always been fed regularly, bathed daily, had a good place to sleep, and toys to play with. We know that when the children are with either parent that they are dirty, under-fed, upset, no decent sleeping arrangements, and there have been times, no water or electricity was provided, also no heat and air. These children are no doubt loved by their parents, however, they cannot reasonably provide the adequate care they need to survive. Their grandparents are the best option at this time. The state of tennessee and county of dickson is where the parents and grandparents reside. I am speaking as a friend and inquiring for the family. I hope to hear from someone soon, thankyou for your time.

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    It figures this would come out of Dickson.
    At this point, the grandparents have no rights whatsoever. Even if the parents are found unfit in the furture and the children are taken into state custody, the grandparents would have the same rights as the other set of grandparents to ask for custody/guardianship.

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    How do you propose to prove both parents unfit?

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