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    Police won't help ..... What gives?

    My grilfriend has an ex-husband that constantly sends here death threat via text & voicemail. He has a long criminal history, drugs, assualt & battery, domestic violence. He is listed as a habitual felony offender. While they were together he beat her regularly and put her in the hospital multiple times. She has, I believe a 10 year order of protection against him. He violates it regularly. When he violated it in January he was arrested, released on bond the next day and then put her in the hospital for a week. This also violates his parole. Since we have been together she has had to change her phone number twice. While we were working out of town he sent numerous death threats to her. It got to the point that when I would come home she would be in tears. She went to the police in the state that we were in. The police said that they couldn't help here since he wasn't here. They did however take copys and recordings of the messages, made a report and sent it to the police where he was. She even called his parole officer and he said that his parole would be violated if he didn't show for his next meeting. The messages stopped for a week. Then they started again, the first message said " I guess you thought you were going to get me in trouble with the cops didn't you". She changed her number again. I'm still working out of state, she got laid off and went home so that she could be with her kids. He has a new girlfriend and hasn't bothered her until last night. He told her that he was going to burn her house down and kill her. What should she do? The police are obviously no help what so ever.

    Sorry for the long post just trying to give as much info as possible.

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    Take you evidence to the DA.

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    I dunno. What time is it?
    From what you've written, the only time she want to the police was when she was out of state.

    Every time he threatens her, or otherwise violates the court order, she should march down to the police station and file a complaint against him. She should make a copy of the complaint and send it to his PO.

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    How does he keep getting her new phone number? Why doesn't she have it unpublished? How does he get it if it is a cell phone number?

    Parents should remember 3 things: Love your kids more than you hate your ex; when you have children the relationship with the other parent is until death; your children determine what type of nursing home you end up in.
    Nothing stated by me should be taken as giving you legal advice or forming an attorney/client relationship.

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    What state is this occurring in? What state is HE in?

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    Your girlfriend needs to contact the national domestic violence hotline to locate resources in her area for victims of domestic violence. She may need to stay in a shelter or even relocate to be truly safe.

    Speaking with an advocate in her area should give her an idea of what the safest steps for her are. It may include pursuing each and every violation or it may be disappearing from sight - he may be using her calls to police or documents she files in court to actually locate her. Sometimes, you have to decide do I want to "win" legally or do I want to live. It may be that she needs to take some rather drastic steps to protect herself, but she needs a safety plan to try not to become a homicide victim.

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    Uuummm... where were her kids while she was out of state?

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