What is the name of your state? Nevada
this situation concerns my best friend and her 9 year old son.
My girlfriend has been live with this man for going on 12 years in this time they had a child wich carries his last name. In the time they have been living together they bought to homes opened a business that is successful, her name was never put on any of the deeds or any other paperwork. about to years ago he had got arested at his bussiness for :Open or gross lewdness 3 counts,Sexual Assault this was with a minor. my girlfriend stuck behind him and belived in him. now that the case is all settled he started treating her bad, like in november something small triggierd him off where he shoved her and was calling her nasty names and there son tryed getting between them yelling at his father to stop his father shoved him also. my girlfriend got her son and got out of the house. the next morning she filed a restraining order or a t.p.o. he was served and ordered out of the house for 30 days. until the court date, mean while he promise to got get help and ask he to reconsider her son asked her to give daddy on chance so she decides to. at court she tell the judge whats she decided and they closed the case. now about thee months go by she gets served with a thirty day notice to get out 30 days passed she heres nothing now last week he comes home tells her it time to get hers meanning he's paying her back they argued he's yelling if front of there son she's going to jail and he wants him to watch he calls up metro police saying he in fear for his life that shes comming at him trying to hurt him and his son is frighten of her. when the police arrive he tell them she has a warrent knowing that in to day she just has to show the court proof that she has completed what they ask they just didn't recevie their copy. The polices tell her she has to leave or they take her to jail and her son has to say ther because thats his home he wants to be with his mother he ended up over a friends spending the night so he wouln't be alone with his father
now she went back home and gets served with a 5 day to get out
she is almost done with her internship but has no money he has cut her off. he keep tonting her telling her she out of there and he has custody of there son.he calls every day to her family in another state telling them shes on drugs when in fact he is, he get a perscription in the mail with just a phone call no exams just mails off a check he gets so mess up he can't walk or talk my husband has had to go to where he was to drive him home. she is in desperate need of advice there son is a nervous reck he has seeked his own counselor at his school.
Thak you for caring
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