What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Idaho

Situation: 3 18yr olds all set up by same confidential informant. Each separatly sold marijuana. Person #1 has previous record of manufature reduced to possession & paraphanalia, aggravated battery with traumatic injury, procuring for minors, underage consumption. Person #1 gets all three Felony delivery charges dropped and never refiled.
Person #2 has previous record of possession as adult and as juvenile, has previous juvenile record for burglery. While on OR from drug charges is involved with burglery again. Also has numerous no insurance violations and other numerous driving infractions. Person #2 has had two of three felony deliveries dismissed, all adult burgleries dismissed and has been sentenced to 5 months probation, 90 days jail with 2 credited, $1000 fine and a withheld judgement.
Person #3 has previous record of 2 seatbelt tickets and no juvenile record. Person #3 had all three dismissed but new prosecutor came to office, case detective demanded a refile on person three. Prosecutor is refusing a deal at all and is proceding with full prosecution of charges......
This appears to be extreme unfair prosecution... any thoughts/ideas? Also all three had same attorney