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    changing my plea

    What is the name of your state? New Jersey

    At the preliminary hearing where you can plea "guilty" or "not guilty", I pleaded "not guilty" hoping that a lawyer could help my case. After talking to a lawyer, I found out that he can't really do anything for me. Since this is my first offense, I can take a year of probation.

    When i go to court again, I'm wondering if I can just change my plea to "guilty" and be done with this - take the year of probation and move on?

    Is it possible to change my plea without going back to court?


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    You can change your plea to guilty, but not without going back to court. Before you plead guilty, the judge has to inform you that you have constitutional rights to a jury trial, to confront witnesses, and not to incriminate yourself, and then you have to say you understand and waive those rights.

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    JETXX Guest
    Just tell the judge you didn't inhale, then ask him for a change of venue.

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    Say goodbye.
    The imposter JETXX is already gone!!

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    Get a lawyer!

    I'm a [URL="http://www.chiff.com/local/pages/dmosse.htm"]Florida criminal lawyer[/URL], not a NJ criminal lawyer, but I feel pretty confident in telling you that you need to have a lawyer and stop playing around with your life!

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