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    Post Marijuana and CDL

    What is the name of your state Pennsylvannia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. If a person with a CDL was to smoke marijuana say Sunday night at 8:30 pm go to work Monday morning and get in a accident while driving a tractor trailer at 7:00 am Police are called to the scene and through a mandatory blood test they find Marijuana in your systeam because as we know it does stay in the systeam for awhile could this person be charged with under the influance? Is it always concidered under the influance if you smoked? Is there a differance in the charges if there is a fatality?

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    Blood levels of marijuana metabolites and their relation to intoxication are not as studied as those with alcohol. Any metabolite in your system will be a problem. Will they charge? It depends on the surrounding facts. Even if the pot was smoked a long time ago, there is still risk. The risk is even greater when under more restrictive licensing issues.

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