What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? South Carolina

Iím from Greenville County South Carolina and I was stopped last Monday under the guise that a friend and I left a ďknown drug houseĒ and that was why he pulled me over. (I didnít know that having a black friend was a crime); he is renting a house that apparently was occupied by drug dealers before he moved in. He and I are guilty by association.

After being stopped they searched me from the beginning. Not finishing anything they search the passenger and donít find anything. They ask to search my car I consent and sign a release because there was nothing in my car to my knowledge.

They found an old baggie with residue and a pill bottle with residue (with my name on the label). They wrote me a ticket for $2000?!?

From what I read on Norml.orgís site, the maximum penalty is $500 for paraphernalia. Is this correct or are they trying to scare me? I donít know how often their site is updated but I canít believe that he wrote a ticket for that much. They referred me to you for further information. He agreed that the fine is $500.

I assume since I have two prior possession charges they can do what they want to me.

They had a long conversation about me talking to them about ďmaking a dealĒ where I talk to vice and turn all my friends in to get myself off. --- I donít want to go down that route.

I beg of you to please tell me what the REAL law in South Carolina is and if I need to find a way around this being the court date is Tuesday the 13th. How can the normal person come up with two grand in two weeks?

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.