Not sure what to do- need non-judgemental advice
Hello- I was recently arrested for possession of cocaine (under 1 gram)which I shamefully admit was for personal use.
I need advice as to how to proceed and what to do...
Let me explain the basic scenario...
I was riding in my brother's car when he was stopped for speeding. There was a 12 pack of beer in the back seat but it was not opened nor were there any open bottles or cans in the car.
My brother was asked to exit the car and complied with the officer's instructions during the sobriety test but later refused to take the breathalizer.
Meanwhile, I remained seated in the passenger's seat. I was talking on my cell phone to a friend and letting them know what was going on.
Then an officer came to the passenger side door and ordered me to get out and put the phone down and put my hands on top of the car.
He stuck his hand into my pocket and pulled out the small bag of cocaine that I had in my possession.
I fully understand that had I not had the illegal substance, I would not be in trouble right now.
This is my first offense and I am scared (as I know that I should be!)
One of my friends told me that while a police officer has the right to do a pat down to check for weapons, they can not put their hands into your pockets or search your person unless they suspect that you are in fact conceiling a weapon. in my pockets, all i had was my single house key in one pocket and the small bag of cocaine in the other. Does this constitute an illegal search and a violation of my 4th ammendment rights? Also, for first time offense am I probably looking at jail time?
Again, I realize that what I did is WRONG- so please don't crucify me and keep in mind that this is my first offense -of any kind-EVER! I spent the night in jail and got a harsh taste of reality and at this point, need advice on how to proceed.
I am not currently employed and can not afford a lawyer. How should I plead when I go to court- guilty or no contest? Thank you!