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    what is a MTBV/U charge

    What is the name of your state? NC
    Checking the criminal background on someone who asked me too and on a particular day was charged with maintaining dwelling marijuana, possession cocaine and it also says guilty of MTBV/U. What does MTBV/U mean? Charged with so much at one time the other charges dismissed but found guilty of this MTBV/U. This is a misdemeanor charge according to criminal background info. Ca

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    Talking What does the charge: Poss MTBV/U mean?

    It means possession of Malt Beverage by underage person. Generally, this charge is abbreviated this same way in most states.

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    apparently it's a misdemeanor &, as dolphin said, it involves alc & minor:
    4166 MPUR/ATT MTBV/U-WN NOT 19/20 18B-302(B)(1)
    4167 MPOSS MTBV/U-WN NOT 19/20 18B-302(B)(1)
    4170 MSELL/GIVE MTBV/U-WN TO< 21 18B-302(A)(1)

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