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    Can I convert Community Service to a fine?

    What is the name of your state? California

    I have about 34 days of public work service left to do for a dui and driving under suspended, which happened over two years ago and 1 year ago. I've paid all of my fines and am enrolled in OHS.

    I already requested an extension and failed to complete the first portion of 20 days by the Sept 1st deadline. I have been overwhelmingly busy with work and school and haven't been able to do much. Several days I did do, I didn't sign in, only having my own record of my attendance. If I didn't have my weekends to do school, I would not have been able to pass my classes. Taking the weekends for the work as it were, I fell behind to a point that I had to spend every waking moment catching up, barely finishing the work.

    My work has paid off and now have the means to pay fines... whatever it takes.

    Do you know if I can pay a fine instead of completing the community service?

    A friend of mine converted a fine into service for $100 a day and then back to a fine...

    It seems like fines are in large part what the system is about anyways, so wouldn't they love another excuse to take my hard earned money?


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    No, but you can probably convert community service to jail time.

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    want some cheese with that whine?

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    Who attacked you?

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    That's his signature...

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    Ask your probation officer, your lawyer or the court where your where sentenced.

    Anything we might say is just speculation.

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