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    Question Dental School application withdrawal due to DWI

    My question is about Dental School Admissions. I applied to several Dental Schools this year and got into SUNY Buffalo Dental School in NY (I live in NY). However 2 days before orientation, my admission was withdrawn. The reason was I did not pass the background check. Four years ago, I was charged with DWI, but knowing that I wanted to pursue medical field and that might potentially affect my admission, I was advised to hire a lawyer. The lawyer reduced the charge to reckless driving. The dental school application asked whether I was ever charged with a misdemeanor or felony. I thought that charged meant charged and convicted. I also thought that reckless driving was a traffic violation and not a misdemeanor, so I put no. Later when, a background check was performed on me, both charged appeared (I also thought that only convictions showed up on the background check). I talked to one of the admission deans, and she said that I should write an explanatory e-mail. I wrote an apologetic e-mail explaining the whole situation. Everything, seemed to go well until 2 days before orientation, I got an admission withdrawal letter. The e-mail also said that the same letter (which I have not received to this day even though, I live relatively close to campus) was sent out but it does not appear that it came to me (how did they know that?). On the same day, I drove to Buffalo with my mother to talk to the dean. The dean told us that there is nothing that can be done, all spots are already filled up, and that we should reapply next year. My questions are about how should I reapply to school. Is it possible to clean the background? Would it help on reapplication? Should I mention the cleaned charges (if they can be cleaned)? What should I say on the new admission application when they will ask me why was I expelled from Buffalo? Any other advice would be nice too. Thank you very much.What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    It appears that SUNY Buffalo no longer sees you as an ideal candidate. I would learn from this for applications to other dental schools and move on. Once SUNY created a file for you all your dirty laundry was put in it. In a year it will still smell a little off to them.

    There are plenty of other schools, I would put 'reckless driving' down on the new applications.

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