What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Indiana


Looking for some help here. I was convicted of my 2nd and 3rd DUI almost 5 years ago in Johnson County. I was sentenced to some jail time, 18 mos work release(which turned into 9 mos with good behavior), and 4.5 years of probation. I am coming to the end of all of this. Because of these convictions the BMV hit my DL with a HTV for 10 years. My lawyer that represented me in these cases stated that after 5 years of suspension I could appeal to the BMV for a probationary license. I do not know if this was completely true as he may not have seen the exact suspension on the BMV report. I can not locate any information on the BMV web page, only flow charts that tell what would lead to a HTV suspension. Anyone able to offer some advice in this case?