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    Husband just got DWI in Texas and have a DUI case pending in Oklahoma.


    My husband was arrested for DWI last week and this is his first DWI in Texas. But he has a pending DUI case in Oklahoma in 2008.

    His court appointed attorney went to the hearing today and was given three options:

    1, 90 days in jail plus classes. (He told me something about he would only need to stay for 30 days now because each day is three days credit? I don't understand it, may be you guys/gals know.)

    2, two years probation plus classes. During probation, there will be interlock device installed on the vehicle.

    3, go to court.

    Can anyone help give me the pros and cons for the three options please?

    Thank you.


    My question now is

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    Jail should be self evident.
    The probation and the interlock is probably the best solution.

    If he goes to court, unless there is something the lawyer thinks might be a defense (unlikely) then he can probably count on $2000 fines plus costs, 72 hours in jail, a years suspension, community service, the DUI classes, and still some period of probation.

    I guess the question is "Do you feel lucky?"

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    Thank you for your responses.

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