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    probation violation

    texasWhat is the name of your state?texas
    I have 4 months left on a 18 month probation sentence for a 1st time dwi. I've completed all programs associated with my probation but about 40 hrs community service and about $700 on my fine. I recently got arrested in a different county for not maintaining single lane, no headlights and impeding traffic. all traffic violations. When released I just paid the fine so I didn't have to go back to court. Which I later found out was not the best thing to do. I should have tried to get dismissed. I'm trying to findout what can happen and should I tell my probation officer? I have to see him in two weeks.

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    Q: should I tell my probation officer?

    A: Yes. You are already in violation of your probation since you are required to tell your officer of new charges.

    There are two rules for success:

    (1) Never tell everything you know.
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    Tell your PO before your PO tells you. It's easier and looks proactive. In some states, the PO has some broad powers as to action taken in VOP situations.

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    I don't know about your state, but in NY, traffic violations like yours are not criminal, thus probation doesn't give a ****. However, I am not sure if your presence in another county would go over well. I know I had to carry a frigging note in my wallet from my probation officer because I live on the border of two counties and a simple trip to supermarket that I can see from my house was in a different county.

    As someone that has spent the last 3.5 years on probation, I can assure you they will find anything they are looking for and violation of probation (VoP)charges are the most screwed up court proceedings ever... you might as well just drive straight to jail. Silly things like proof don't matter. If your PO doesn't like your general attitude, she'll tell the judge and that is reason enough to give you a nice bid.

    That said, never bring anything to your PO first. Call your lawyer. If you fart and want to know if she smelled it, call your lawyer before you ask her. My example is purposely over-the-top so you get the jist it.

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    Violation of Probation

    You are so right on the mark! I just spent 10 months in North Carolina DOC and I'll say that 8 out of 15 people were in there for SIMPLE Violation of Probation charges!

    If there's a way to send someone back they love it!

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