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    Status hearing on DUI

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? LA
    I had a DUI in Feb. I werecked my car. I have 2 previous DUIs,so this one is a felony. There was a no prbable cause on the DUI and the no seatbelt but i had a carelesss operation.I bonded out of jail on a careless op. No DUI was attached yet. Due to no probable cause, (the police found me in my car in the ditch as to my knowledge) they could figure if they were going to charge me.I hired a lwayer to get my drivers license back and investigate the case.well he told me not to go to court once and I was asked the next time why hadnt I gone to which I replied my layer told me he had it under control not to go. well then they have another court date on Aug 13 to which my presence was waived. So i didnt need to show. But i dont understand why later on my atty. sends a form stating he went on the 18th and pleaded not guilty for me. The courts didnt make me aware of this. So now they decided to go with the charges. I was not present at my arraignment.my lawyer handled this. I have a status hearing tomorrow. to which myself and my lawyer will be present. I dont understand why this is being done.Usually the next court date afr an arraignment is when they decide what they will charge and sentence no?Help would be much appreciated.

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    Finding you in a ditch isn't probable cause for careless op? What do you mean "to your knowledge?" Where you in the ditch or not?

    It is not the courts job to apprise you of what your lawyer is doing.
    You need to pay attention to him or find another.

    Why this is happening because a felony criminal case is in full swing here.

    An arraignment is where you are informed formally of the charge against you. The only thing that is "decided" at the arraignment typically is how the defense is going to proceed so they can schedule the next appearance.

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