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    Expulsion from Catholic School

    What is the name of your state? New York

    My son is in the 8th grade and was supposed to graduate in 3 months from a Catholic school but was just expelled. About 2 weeks ago, a friend from his class was being bothered by another student. My son and his friend went to the other student's house (who voluntarily let them in) but they brought an 18 year old boy,not from their school, with them. When in the apartment, my son and his friend told the boy to come downstairs so the 2 classmates could fight or my son and the 18 year old would beat him up. The boy went to leave his apartment but turned around and went back in and slammed the door. The 18 year old began to kick in the door but didn't actually break it. My son was also accused of participating but has denied it. The student's guardian notified the school of the incident. Subsequently, I have punished my son and he also served an in-school suspension. I don't minimize his actions and have taken serious disciplinary action against him for this but when we met with the principal after the suspension, she informed us that he is expelled. I feel that there is some sort of discrimination because a couple of months ago, my son and the friend involved in this incident were victims of an assault and robbery. The crimes committed against them were a result of other students from their school setting them up. We had to go to court which is how it came out. Girls from his school found out where they were hanging out after school and told these other kids (not from their school), where they could find some white boys (the kids had said that they wanted to rob some white boys in the neighborhood). As a result, my son and his friend were hit and robbed. The school was notified of the girls' involvement but they were not expelled. My son has been in this school for 8 years, my other son went there as well as my niece and nephew, so I am familiar with how they work. They seem to favor those students who have money and contribute to the school as well as those students whose parents volunteer. I don't do any of that because I work and don't have the time and I'm not rich like most of the families in the school. My son has had problems in the past in school due to talking in class but no problems as far as physically abusing other students. Last year, his teacher and I met and he said that he doesn't understand why my son had been in trouble because he doesn't think my son is any different from any other student as far as behavior. Once he stood up for my son, the rest of the faculty followed and acknowledged that my son is a good kid. I don't know if there is anything I can do or if they are allowed to pick and choose who they expel since it's a catholic school. I just feel that it is unfair that he be expelled when the girls who set them up did not. In that instance, what the girls did was premeditated and resulted in physical injury to my son. I also feel it's unfair because it didn't happen on school grounds.

    Please advise if there is anything I can do legally.

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    Catholic schools are one of the strictest. At times they make up their own rules and get pissed when challenged.

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