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    Representative Payee Report

    What is the name of your state? Kansas
    Since my mom lives with me and my husband in our home, can she share in the expenses of this home? I am her Representative Payee and just received a form from SSA to fill out and am unsure as to what is customary and usual for this type of form. I have totalled all her expenses, including RX's, doctors appts costs, hair salon, nail salon, personal items, etc. but have questions about 2 raised toilets and back stairs (shorter) for her convenience. Also, can we charge her room and board, for extra food and utilities, gasoline for outings, mattress and boxsprings for her bed, etc. (other items for her convenience). She was in assisted living until 2.5 yrs ago and they were not doing a good job. She had several health issues that should have not gone unnoticed but were and that is the reason she no longer lives there. I take care of her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for respite care on Mondays, alternating 2 hr then 4 hrs each week. Need advice please.

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    Of course, you CAN charge her, but why didn't the additional expenses just get taken from her check? By the way, I'd never charge my parents for GAS for outings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moburkes View Post
    ... By the way, I'd never charge my parents for GAS for outings.
    Ditto... ...

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    Payee Report

    I am a representative Payee for a Not for Profit organization, and I fill these forms out all the time.

    Room and Board must be totaled up for the time period requested at the top of the form.

    Room and Board is:

    Basic Utilities (water, electric, gas for heating home, cooking , water.) NOT AUTOMOBILE GAS! NOT CABLE TV, NOT TELEPHONE.

    Medical, Misc. and Entertainment. This catagory can include the cable, phone, and automobile gas used to take a client to appts, movies, shopping ect.

    The last catagory is amount saved. You don't include other income, only SS, and SSI benefits left over at the end of the time period.

    This is what I do:

    I total up all benefits received and make sure it matches what is reported on the Payee Form.

    I then total up all Room and Board Expenses and put it on the approiate line.

    If the client has money left over and not used, I put this amount on the last line.

    I subtract the Room and Board, and the money saved from the benefit amount, and the total is the amount for Medical, entertainment, ect.

    If there is no money left over, you put zeros on that line, and just subtract room and board expenses from the total benefits, and that amount is what was used for Medical, Entertainment, etc.

    You must as a payee insure that he or she receives at least $360 per year of benefits. This can be from cable bills, entertainment, medicial rx's, telephone, ect.

    You also need to make sure you have receipts and proof of payment for the expenses you are claiming againts the SS benefits. If you don't, and you get audited, which you will at some time, you can be fined up to $25,000 and 5 years in prison for misuse of funds. Your best bet is to get a good accounting software program so you can track what you are doing. GOOD LUCK!

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