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    Trying to protect my grandma from an evil aunt.

    My name is "Sylvester." I am from Southern California.

    I am here in desperation to protect my ailing grandmother from an evil and malicious Aunt.

    Just as a quick note, my grandma was diagnosed with throat cancer and was given less then a year to live. - My aunt had made this very clear; we had plenty of family gatherings and each one turned into a "farewell," type deal where we took photos with my grandmother and had teary goodbyes.

    Later due to my own research I found out that we could get a second opinion and three weeks later; My grandmother had a successful surgery and is undergoing radiation with a 87% recovery rate. Good news aside, my Aunt during this time kept feeding lies to my family, telling them that she was ill and probably wouldn't survive and they the family was terrible for making her suffer like this.

    Each bit of information that was fed to us from her was quite the opposite from what the doctors have been stating. Well, we find out that secretly she had my grandmother sign papers without the knowledge of her siblings and now completely refuses to show that document.

    I am now concerned about what that document may be, whether it is a Power of Attorney or a recessitation order or what I do not know, and her refusal to show the family what it is that was signed is worrysome. I don't care about money or property or power I just want to know if there is any legal way to either see what my Aunt signed?

    I feel that she wants my grandmother to die so she can collect on her earnings and move on with it, without sharing anything with her siblings - being my uncle and father. Any help would be greatly appriciated, thank you.


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    Let's assume your grandmother signed something she now regrets. Why can't she change it on her own? And what does your father think about all of this?

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    I just want to know if there is any legal way to either see what my Aunt signed?
    Yes, have auntie show you what she signed.

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