my children have been taken into custody since sept. 1999. they are living with my mother and i get 1 1/2 hours one day a week to see them but i have to have someone supervise them. they were taken due to allegations from my kids's father stating that my husband had abused my middle son. this happened in 1993 a month after i left their father. my son is now 10 years old and he is telling counselor's that my husband did not hurt him and that he wants his named cleared and he wants to come home to his mom. well of course no one wants to listen to him and they keep saying that my husband has hurt him. i am fighting in court but the social workers tell me that if i don't divorce my husband then i won't get my children back. then they tell me that my husband can do services that will get them back. they are trying to put the children with one father that is in a wheel chair that cannot take good care of them. he has tried and they were always dirty and had low grades in school and they could never go anywhere because he was always going to the hospital or the doctor's. the youngest son's father has never been around him and has only seen him two times in his life. his father has just gotten out of prison for almost killing a man and now my son will be eight years old. my husband has raised my youngest son since he has been nine months old. but the social workers want the biological father to reunite with my youngest son. i am in need of help or information from anyone who might now how i can help get my children back and stop social services and the state from doing this to children and families from false allegations. sincerly yours desparetly in need of help.