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    The person i am with now has been trying to get divorced for 2 years. They have been seperated for 9 years and only lived togehter for 4 months as man and wife. This has been an on going case because she abandonded him and left with another man and has been nowhere to be found in 5 years to fianlize this. The last 2 years were spent trying to get this divorce without her consent. Could she ever all of a sudden come back around and try to get something from him if they've been seperated that long? Does she have a leg to stand on to try to get alimony payments after leaving him without a trace and only being a wife to him for 4 months even though 9 years has passed without a divorce taking place? She is a coniving gold digger and we are afraid she will only come around to finalize this if she thinks there is money involved. (There are no children or assets from this marriage) Please Help!!!!!

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    Has he 'ever' consulted an attorney ?

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    He had the old agreement from 9 years ago sent back through the court system. After 2 years of fighting and waiting for answers the Judge handeling the original case said it was too old and wanted him to refile under a seperate index number. Basically, start over. He is just getting a new attorney this week to refile a brand new set of papers. Litagation has officially not started again yet. The last lawyer should never had tried to send through 9 year old papers under the old doccett number. It cost us 2 years of time and we are back where we started afraid we will never find a Judge to grant this without his spouse being around.


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