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    Cool Finding an old 401k

    What is the name of your state? California

    I am looking for a 401k from an old company.
    I have the name of the organization that handled our 401k, but they are out of business.
    I have contacted my old employer and they have no records.
    What do I do now?


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    Wow. So presumably employee and employer contributions were directed to an investment advisor and now the funds cannot be accounted for? That's not good. The money went SOMEWHERE.

    I suggest you contact the federal Department of Labor (who have jurisdiction over employer-sponsored retirement plans) and see if they can help you. 202-693-4650.

    Are you sure you never received any distribution for which you were eligible after you left that employer? I have had long-gone employees contact me insisting they never received funds from the 401(k) after they left when, in fact, we could produce a copy of the check that was mailed to them years before.

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    There is also a SECURE website where you can go & type in your SS # & they will check to see if there might be a "lost" 401k under your SS# - it's a web site that has unclaimed retirement benefits reported to it. [url]https://www.unclaimedretirementbenefits.com/[/url]

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