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    not taking health benefit

    Connecticut - I work for a non-profit. The benefit package includes health coverage which I do not participate in because my spouse has coverage for our family. My option does not include family.

    I understand that many companies financially compensate employees that do not use the health benefit. I intend to bring this up at my next review on 8/15.

    What advice could anyone give me as to reasons or arguments that I can use to state my case.

    This is a $6,000 benefit that other employees are receiving. I understand that companies that do compensate usually do so at a percentage of actual cost.

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    Feel free to ask - and consider you MIGHT be looking for a new job soon...

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    They may offer but are not required to. If you want to ask, I advise you to do so in the most non-aggressive way possible, and if they say no, accept it and move on. Unless you want to be looking for a new job.

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    Keep in mind that as yet, the number of companies that do NOT provide extra compensation for employees who refuse the health benefit, still far outweighs the number of companies who do, and no law in any state requires an employer to do so.

    Walk carefully.

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