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    What is Constructive Abandonment?

    I left some of my work tools, in the on site "warehouseman" locked storage unit at my previous job. I assumed it would be safe since the "warehouseman" is the owners father-in law and he was the only person with a key to the unit. But when I went back to retrieve my property only some of it was returned. I contacted the office manager about the missing property several times over a course of six months and was told that they would investigate the matter. Since I left the property for four months without advising management and had no contact with the warehouseman, the company says they're not responsible for the property and the property is considered "constructive abandonment." Is there any actions I can take to recover my missing property or its depreciated value?

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    why did you leave the tools in the storage? Had you been working for them and your employment ceased for whatever reason?

    If so, you leaving the tools there without some agreement they would keep them was you abandoning the tools.

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