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    Aetna mishandling claims, now dr bill is in collections!

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

    State is California

    Aetna admitted they made a mistake on my account back in August. Was told by an Aetna rep to have my dr resubmit the claim for my dr bill payment (for a viist made back in March). Doctor did. Aetna did not pay it, so on 9/22 I got a letter from a collections agency!!

    After much arguing with Aetna, they finally admitted they owe the money. I have a voicemail from an Aetna rep saying they would issue a check w/in 7-10 days but if they do NOT, I am screwed because they collections agency has given me 10 days after I disputed the debt to pay! I do not trust Aetna to make this payment even tho they admit they owe it.

    what should I do? Get an attorney and have them pressure Aetna? Should I pay the collections agency even tho Aetna even called the collections agency to tell them they would pay the bill???

    If Aetna called collections agency, shouldn't they get off my back now?

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    Call the doctor's office and raise holy hell for them sending you to collections instead of dealing with your insurance company as their contract requires.

    It is a contracted provider, right?

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    First...your Physician should not have had to resubmit the claim. It costs money to submit/resubmit claims. Aetna already had the information. It was THEIR mistake. The rep had to be looking at the claim to tell you that.

    Second...The date of service was back in March. The claim had already been submitted twice and Aetna denied it both times. I can see why the Doctor would send you a bill, but I think collections was a bit extreme without first allowing you the opportunity to pay the balance and have Aetna reimburse you.

    Aetna does not have a contract with the collection agency...the Doctor does. Their office would have to take care of contacting them.

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    I have to say, and I know that this does not help, my first thought when I saw the subject heading was, "Aetna mishandling claims? So what else is new?"

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