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    Cannot Get Insurance previous infertility treatments


    I am currently on a Cobra coverage. The cobra coverage is running out and I have been trying to obtain alternative healthcare coverage. Husband and I are self employed. I used infertility treatments to achieve pregnancy, and have been denied insurance from Humana One, and Unicare because of the drugs I took to get pregnant. I am not applying for maternity insurance, just the bare bones basic plans for myself, husband and son. The denial letter says " We find we cannot offer membership due to history as indicated on your application for enrollment. The application history of infertility treated with Lupron, HCG, Prometrium, etc. Unfortunately our current medical underwriting guidelines prohibit us from offering enrollment to any applicant with the above history."

    With over 6 million people receiving infertility treatments, I wonder how many of them realize that getting insurance later will make it impossible to get insured. This is ridiculous.

    What can I do? Is there any way around this?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Sounds like my story

    Dear April,

    In trying to find some answers to the same problem, I came across your post.
    I am also from Illinois, and I could have written your message. My husband and I are also self employed. We had fertility treatments to conceive our 2 year old son and 4 month old triplets. Our Cobra policy is just about over and we were also denied insurance by BCBS for the same reason. I am currently fighting it and wondered if you had done the same? Have you gotten any new answers, and were you able to find insurance with another carrier? If you have the time I was hoping you could write and let me know.
    Thank you,
    Mandy Wajchert

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    The only thing you can do is to continue to shop around for different insurers. Insurance companies are in business for the same reason as every other type of company--to make money. They are entitled to make underwriting rules to minimize their losses if they want to.

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    Thumbs up Illinois insurance help

    April and others,

    In Illinois, if you have been denied health insurance because of pre-existing conditions, you may be eligible for ICHIP (Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan). The cost is approximately the same as most major medical plans.

    See their web site for information and an application.



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